Focus on the shadow self is where we are. The shadow is a part of ourselves we must embrace to heal emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. What's showing up in your life through others ( your shadow)? Overacting to situations? Perspective on choices caused by unhealthy motives? Mental blocks? Unable to decipher truth? Balance is needed in your life...

Isaiah 45:7 God says "iam the darkness and the light. I create good and evil."


Childhood Codependency creating shadow situations in adult life such as having::


*No voice to communicate your feelings

*growing up powerless

* over indulgence

*acceptance issues

*Abuse emotionally, physically, spiritually

All these are inner unconscious challenges that cause self defeat. Scenarios of self defeat example's: continuous situations of being used or taken advantage of by others. Conversation of being a victim.

Situations of manipulation and control.


The Shadow Class (Self-Sabotage)

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