You are a CHANGE AGENT!!!! What would happen if you had not experience this? Think about how powerful you are!!! Tools to overcome the pain of divorce or separation. Turning lead into gold is the mindset for situations like this. Remembering that it takes time to overcome divorce or separation because of memories and habits we have created. However you can do it!  




Alchemy of Divorce or separation

Separation or divorce can take time to heal. Time depends on the memory body and the tools we have to transform the memories from the relationship. The memories relate to thoughts that surface such as regret, time wasted, and pain.

In these times we need spiritual will power which comes from our spiritual foundation. The concepts practiced daily assist us in healing more readily unlike those who base their lives off the ego. The ego alone is related to external things and situations. The ego has no relationship with spiritual concepts, it only believes in itself.

Your spiritual foundation practiced will help your consciousness rise above the situations because you will to see the brighter side of things. Your ego which is flesh or external matter, gratification will follow your spiritual practice because it will understand the spiritual man is more powerful.

Your Spiritual concepts will practiced daily or even twice a day will stabilize and strengthen your emotions when you feel rage, anger, defeat, or frustration. You will feel more confident and your self-esteem will heighten.

Experiencing grief and loss are normal and by all mean allow yourself to feel. Many people avoid the feelings of loss by substituting the pain they experience with new relationships, romance, food, fearing facing what they’re going through.

Avoidance creates codependency and baggage. People who give no time for healing alone find themselves repeating situations such as divorce or breakups because they spent know time resolving the issues behind the breakdown in the relationships.

It is important to find your why? Why did this happen? Often the person you were in the relationship may not be available to help you understand, they may not even be available to give true closure to the relationship. However you can do it, you can create your own closure by assessing the situation with questions:

Questions to bring things into perspective:

  • Who was I when I started this relationship?
  • What did I need from the relationship?
  • What did I receive and what did I give to the relationship?
  • What rewards did I receive from the relationship? Did we have children, did the person teach me anything I can use?  What can I take from this relationship to help myself and others that might experience something like this?


  • I overcome every obstacle in my life at this time
  • I impute the power in me to transform my life for the better
  • I embrace and accept my current situation as and opportunity to move to the next level in life
  • I am totally safe to experience the pain I feel at this time
  • I love and accept myself
  • I accept the power that lives within me
  • I am a transformation agent


{Malachi 4:2 – “But for you who revere my name, the Sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays!”}

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Alchemy of divorce and separation intoduction

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